Notary fees

Question“Suddenly I found out that I need to translate and certify at least 5 documents to register my spouse's status. I calculated that, at the rates of the Ministry of Justice I have to pay 243 NIS minimum for the certification for each document, which should be translated and the translation of which should be certified, that is, 1,215 NIS in total for 5 documents. Couldn’t it be somewhat cheaper? I am ready to pay in cash, I don’t need any liens.”

Answer: “No. According to the regulations established by the Ministry of Justice of Israel, the notary has no right to collect a notarial fee, lower or higher than that established by the Ministry of Justice.” The notary does not have the right to work “off the books”. Moreover, there is a paragraph – “amount paid” in the notarial form attached to the translation, and there is no opportunity to ask a sum different from the rates of Ministry of Justice.

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