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Our notary agency was founded by Israel Attorney and Notary Ariel Roman Katsman.

 As Attorney and Notary, Ariel Roman Katsman has been successfully working in Israel since 31.05.1999. During this time, he has solved common and challenging problems of more than 3,600 clients, both in Israeli courts (including the Supreme Court), and in the Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel, as well as in the Israeli Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Consulates of Israel Abroad, the Israeli Fiscal Authorities, the Real Estate Department, the Registrar of Companies, the Heritage Registrar and other state institutions of Israel.

For more detailed information on the services provided by the Attorney and Notary Ariel Roman Katsman, please visit his website at www.katsmanlaw.org.

On this website you can familiarize yourself with notarial services rendered by the notary agency of the office. If you are also interested in obtaining legal support (for example, on handling a case in the court, in the Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, registration of a real estate transaction, company registration, etc.), please contact the Attorney and Notary Ariel Roman Katsman through the web site www.katsmanlaw.co.il.

 Our notary agency renders the following types of notarial services:

  • Translation and certification of translations of official documents: Birth Certificates, Certificates of Marital Status, Divorce Certificates, Extracts from State Registry, Extracts from the Civil Registry Office files, Certificates of Criminal Records, Marriage Certificates, Certificate of Secondary Education, Diplomas and other official documents issued in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and other countries of the former USSR;
  • Translation into English, certification of translations and apostille certification of official documents issued in Israel for marrying abroad, marriage conclusion abroad, immigration to other countries;
  • Translation and certification of marriage certificates in English issued in Cyprus, Prague, Paraguay, Uruguay and other countries;
  • Notarization of wills;
  • Drawing up and certification of powers of attorney in Hebrew for submission and use in Israel;
  • Drawing up and certification of powers of attorney in Russian and English, as well as their apostille certification for their subsequent submission and use in in other countries;
  • Drawing up and certification of nuptual agreements;
  • Drawing up and certification of business documents, including contracts, trade documents, etc.
  • Opening of trust accounts for business transactions support.

Our exclusive advantages are as follows:

  • Personal responsibility of the notary. The notary, unlike conventional translation agencies, bears personal responsibility for his actions. A common (not notary) translation agency in case of an error can close and re-open under a different name. The notary, unlike conventional agency, values ​​his license.
  • You work with the notary directly, not with the translation agency, which first translates the document, and then transfers it for certification assurance to an unknown notary who is not familiar with you and does not have an agreement with you.
  • The Attorney and Notary has knowledge of the legal language better than a regular translator, especially with 19 years of experience in Israel.
  • To make a notarized translation, there is no need to visit the notary personally, - these are your working hours, during which you can earn money, and not spend it and your personal time, on trips to the notary.  Instead, it could be spent on your family or even on yourself. You just send us the documents to be translated by e-mail, WhatsApp or Viber, then make payment by credit card, bank or postal bank transfer.

To receive a certified document with a translation from us, you do not have to come to us. Of course, we are glad to meet with a client, but if this is difficult for you, then we can transfer the documents to you via mail delivery agent or by registered mail.

  • Ariel Roman Katsman’s unique knowledge of departmental instructions and his many years’ experience as Attorney and Notary with the Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel, allow us to clearly understand which certifications are accepted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs when considering applications for residence status in Israel and which are not recognized.

A striking example of this is the recently introduced requirements of the Visa Service, according to which a notary is required to know the language of the document he translates. The translator's declarations certified by the notary, in which the translator confirms the authenticity of the translation made by him, are no longer accepted. At present the Ministry of Internal Affairs demands that the notary verifies and certifies the translation personally (and not the translator's declaration). The introduction of these requirements led to the fact that the Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel ceased to accept certifications of translators' declarations, and clients were forced to remake certifications of translations using the services of other notaries.

  • Also, more than 19 years of experience in Israel of the Attorney and Notary Ariel Roman Katsman is of great significance in the area of certification of nuptual agreements. Since the meaning of the nuptual agreement is to ensure the client's rights to property, the distribution of responsibilities in regard to alimony payments, the creation of certain guarantees and protection from the wheels of justice of Israeli judicial service. What kind of guarantees and mechanisms can a person with little experience in the field of family law create?
  • The area of ​​business relations is no less delicate. How to prevent fraud when buying or selling business? How to build a mechanism for selling transaction properly so that the buyer (the customer) feels confident that he will receive the ordered goods (service) after having paid the money, and the seller feels confident that he will receive payment for goods after their transfer (for the service rendered). This issue can be especially acute in the field of international transactions: the buyer is afraid of an advance payment, fearing not to receive goods, and the seller does not want to send the goods abroad without receiving payment. The Attorney and Notary Ariel Roman Katsman has published many examples of judicial decisions, which describe in detail how a businessman, who has not succeeded to eradicate such terms as “trust”, “you can rely on this person”, etc., from his business vocabulary, can suffer losses.
  • Rendering notarial services at home/ outside the office for drafting wills, powers of attorney, contracts and other documents is one of the services that is not provided by all Israeli attorneys and notaries, however we do provide it. Yes, this is a very expensive service, but we are ready to provide it.
  • We provide services in strict accordance with the rates established by the Ministry of Justice of Israel. You can familiarize yourself with these rates on a website of the Ministry of Justice -http://www.justice.gov.il/Units/Noteryonim/InfomationNoteryonim/Pages/Sacharsirotim.aspx

We will be glad to cooperate with you.